Charles Acklin

Founder | VOLTI

Charles Acklin is a globally recognized developer. With 40 years of experience fine-tuning, his inventive process manages disruptions, mitigates aftermath, and creates client futures using what they already know. Within thirty-seven industry classifications, his results produce transformational shifts by increasing engagement, instilling confidence, and expanding effectiveness.


  • His work enhances existing training and improvement systems producing transformational shifts by instilling confidence and expanding accountability.


  • Those who work with VOLT’s elements find that they surprise themselves while getting what they want on their terms and using what they already know.
  • His process is consistently proven in business, government and education — quietly and behind the scenes.


  • For decades Charles has identified ways to alter failures into successes. Within a C.S. Mott Foundation initiative, he led a rural community’s transformation that continues and expands. As a result of his cooperative efforts, higher education administrators were shocked when hard-core unemployable individuals (abused women, men, felons, and others the education system labeled as failures) moved from a twenty-five percent graduation rate to a sustainable eighty-five percent graduation rate. He adapted the process for industry. It delivers success. 

  • Charles founded VOLTI  as a  delivery mechanism for his process. VOLTI collaborates within forty industry classifications.

    VOLTI was effective with NASA’s Mars Rover, Medtronic Sales, AT&T Innovation, Fresenius Medical Care-Manufacturing, Research & Development, and Supply Chain expansion, Mrs. Fields Cookies during their explosive growth period, Help-U-Sell Real Estate’s expansion from 15th into the 3rd most prominent real estate franchise. In every case, VOLTI’s strategies created corporate and individual turnarounds.

  • Charles guides baby boomers, millennials, and the current age definition, into becoming more achievement-directed while getting what they want in their current positions. His accountability method generates personal tipping points.  Then, revenue-generating improvement becomes a natural process, moving the status quo to more engaged team members. 

    Those who work with VOLTI strategies find that they surprise themselves with VOLTI’s simplicity – while getting exactly what they want.