Corporate Wide Initiatives

  • Strengthen your quality, production, and human resource development, career path, and succession planning alignment.
    VOLTI Tools and Tactics are non-invasive within existing development and training activity
  • Remove Silos
  • Create High Performing Teams
  • Strengthen Previous Training and initiatives
  • Retain Key People
  • Increase Innovation

Executive and Manager Alignment Coaching

Discover how to Create your own Secret Sauce from VOLTI’s Recipe Custom Leadership for Executives, Managers, and Key Supervisors Conducted at your location or at a Heber Valley Utah Resort

Foundation Skills Coaching

  • 6 Modules Delivered over a 10-15 Week Period
  • Create personal relevance of your coaching style
  • Align team members behaviors to organization goals
  • Develop a flexible, value-driven method to manage

Contribution Level

  • 3 Modules and 5-7 Adaptive Situations Delivered over a 10 – 15 Weeks.
  • Increase team members’ emotional buy in.
  • Validate individual’s relevance for their work assignment.
  • Generate individual and group core competencies

Supervisor and Team Member VOLTI Why Should I? Training

Used in Fortune 500 and Medium to Small Companies to remove silos while creating high-performance work teams and a strengthening a high-performance culture.

  •  7 Group Meetings for 20 participants.
  • Get Team Members applying what drives them within their job
  • Sustain or Improve your culture
  • Remove individual and organization barriers
  • Simplify complex metrics through individual scorekeeping

Rapid Focus for Startups, Small Business

Quickly apply VOLTI Tools and Tactics in a startup or small business.

  • 10 Individual coaching sessions.
  • Make changes through emotional links with personal relevance
  • Improve personal influence and handle unanticipated change
  • Make previous or future training programs work better for you
  • Investment: $10,000
  • Includes the Small Business -Team Member version of Why Should I? Training for Team Members

Custom Presentations

Apply VOLTIs Tools and Tactics as Corporate Wide Training, Speeches, Conference or Trade Show Workshops and Themed Break-out meetings.

  • Get Your Head Out of Your Hindsight!
  • How to Lose Your Big But!
  • There are Three Ways to Motivate a Donkey and They Don’t Work
  • People Only Like People Who Are Like Themselves
  • (Investment is determined by engagement’s scope)

Coaching for Coaches

Selective Custom Training for Executive Coaches
Give your system a unique element that makes your initiatives last beyond traditional approaches.

  • Tailored for Individuals or Small Non-Competing Groups
  • Learn in a Utah Mountain Resort
  • Tactics and Tools that will set your coaching efforts apart from others
  • Regional Licensing will support your investment
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