The new normal requires something different. 

Traditional training and learning initiatives do not offer long-term, lasting solutions.

VOLTI’s Seven Elements are different.

You move uncertainty and contention into engagement.

Satisfaction and improvement on your terms.


Proven ways to:

  • Control Competitors Taking Your Key Staff.
  • Breakthrough Limited Financial Resources
  • Eliminate Employee Dissatisfaction
  • Navigate Organizational Constraints
  • Overcome Lack of Vision
  • Improve Behaviors
  • Strengthen Your Culture
  • Surface Latent Talent
  • Discover Internal Strengths
  • Intentionally Transform
  1. Reset Attitudes
  2. Develop Assets
  3. Increase Specificity
  4. Intensify Performance
  5. Embrace Better
  6. Improve Differently
  7. Accelerate Progress

VOLTI’s Seven Elements combine to form over 5,000  opportunities to maximize existing talent.

Without fanfare, quietly and behind the scenes, VOLTI delivers unique transformational applications that work within Fortune 500 operations, with individuals, small and large businesses, government, and education.

VOLTI’s claim is not a cure-all nor a quick fix.

Yet, you initiate personal and organizational transformations at all levels with these seven elements.

This easy-to-learn, simple to apply, and highly adaptable process supports existing initiatives and past training investments while increasing your control.


1982 – Present

  • Government Division Staff Accountability increased, and results improved for both the agency leader and his staff, NASA, Kennedy Space Center, Engineering, and Spaceport Technology, Kenneth Payne
  • Leaders reduced produce shrink and increased customer services establishing Muir Copper Canyon Farms as the most highly respected produce distribution company in the Western United States.
  • Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Production teams created ‘World Class Plants in Reynosa, Mexico, and Ogden, Utah for Fresenius Medical Care North America.
  • Union Shop teams increase production efficiencies to 113% of machine capability in Fresenius North America Solution Plant in Delran, N.J.
  • Turnaround Situations that resulted in 14% – 293% improvements with individual franchisees during a 3-year change initiative for Help-U-Sell Real Estate, Inc.
  • 75% of Unemployed Coal Miners in Southeastern Utah found new jobs or created small businesses during an economic downturn. South Eastern Vocational Rehabilitation, Price, Utah.
  • Increased 99.82 first pass yield and generated a $1,768,000 positive variance and a 99.82% for Fresenius Medical Care North America in Ogden, UT.
  • Team members created a measurement system and a foundation for growth and marked an expansion for Bridgepoint Systems. 
  • Distribution Center Managers increased their personal accountability, becoming a highly responsive customer-focused system within Fresenius Medical Care North America. Resulting in the development of TruBlu Logistics.
  • Test Department Manager increased on-time delivery from 60% to 95% within six months for L3 Communications.
  1. College graduation rates for Abused Women increased from 24% to 85% at the College of Eastern Utah. (Utah State University-Eastern)
  2. During a corporate turn-around environment, 65% of Failing Real Estate Brokers turned their failing franchises into highly completive sales organizations and moved into the upper 5% of their sales regions within the Help-U-Sell Real Estate Franchise.
  • Construction leaders lead their construction teams to become the best performers in the western region of Granite Construction Company, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Union dry-wall employees outstripped production, earning paid time off and completing work ahead of schedule. Perry Olsen Dry-Wall.
  • Average reading improvement scores moved from 51.33 to 99.14 with VOLTI generated innovations. Wasatch County High School, Utah. Jolene Christensen, Teacher.

Industry Classifications

Code Search | NAICS Association

  1. Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing: NAICS 3113  – Mrs. Fields Cookies
  2. Specialty Food Stores: NAICS 4452 – Mrs. Fields Cookies
  3. Other Wood Product Manufacturing: NAICS 3219 – Intermountain Wood Products
  4. Printing and Related Support Activities: NAICS 3231  –  Carr Printing
  5. Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers: NAICS 5111 –  Carr Printing
  6. Offices of Real Estate Agents and Brokers: NAICS 5312 – Help-U-Sell Real Estate,Inc
  7. Elementary and Secondary Schools: NAICS 6111- Imlay City MI, Grand Blanc Mi , Wasatch County UT
  8. Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools: NAICS 6113 College of Easter Utah
  9. Nonresidential Building Construction: NAICS 2362 – Perry Olsen Dry Wall
  10. General Freight Trucking: NAICS 4841 –  Palmer Trucking
  11. Motion Picture and Video Industries: NAICS 516210 – ATT Cablevision
  12. Television Broadcasting Stations:  NAICS 516120 – KUTV Chanel 2, Salt Lake City
  13. Alpine skiing facilities with accommodations ( ski resorts): NAICS 721110 – Park West UT
  14. Hotels (except casino hotels:) NAICS 721110 – Salt Lake City Hilton
  15. Equipment Sales: NAICS 236117 – Intermountain Bobcat
  16. Space Research and Technology: NAICS 927110 – Engineering and Space Port Technology
  17. Medical Laboratories: NAICS 621511 – Fresenius Global Research and Development- United States, Mexico, Germany, Austria.
  18. Research and Development-Biotechnology: NAICS 541714 – Fresenius Medical Care
  19. Automotive Body Repair Shops: NAICS 811121 – Jardine’s Towing and Auto Repair, ABRA Body Repair
  20. Bicycle Shops: NAICS 59110 – Bicycle Bobs
  21. Phone Equipment Repair and Maintenance: NAICS 811210 – AT&T Maintenance (Individual)
  22. Human Resources: NAICS 541612 – Mrs. Fields Cookies
  23. Call Center: NAICS 56142- Rocky Mountain Region – ATT Cablevision
  24. Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction: NAICS 237310 – Granite Construction Rocky Mountain Region
  25. Educational Support Services: NAICS 611710 – Wasatch County School District – Reading
  26. Continuing Education Seminars or Conferences: NAICS 611430 – The Game of Work
  27. Quality Assurance Training: NAICS 611430 – Fresenius Medical North America – Ogden UT, Delran NJ, Perrysburg OH, Oregon OH, Reynosa, MX, Ogden, UT
  28. Office Administrative Services – Records: NAICS 561110 – MediYeti
  29. Administration of Education Programs: NAICS 923110 – Perry Middle School, Grand Blanc, MI, North Big Horn County Community Education WY
  30. Other Grantmaking and Giving Services: NAICS 813219 – North Bighorn County Senior Citizens Center
  31. Health Care, Inter-Mountain Health Care