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Todd Brightwell

Chief Operations Officer, Economic Development Corporation of Utah

“I have worked with many management consultants throughout my career. The value of VOLTI comes by the nature of its simplicity that I can deploy easily on a daily basis and ultimately huge results that come quickly.”

Matt Wybrow

Senior Quality Director, Fresenius Medical Care

“VOLTI’s ability to align people with what companies need is what sets them apart from everyone else.”

Joesph Hudak

Director of Human Resources, Fresenius Medical Care

“VOLTI supports and complements employee training, employee behavior change and production improvement in ways that other training cannot. In other words, VOLTI enables other training initiatives to work as those initiatives advertise.”

Glenn Slater

Senior Vice President, Fresenius Medical Care

“Over the past 20 years, VOLTI played a significant role in the successful development of our manufacturing, our improvement, and the retention of our key people.”

Rob Hanks

Founder and Owner, Bridgewater Companies

“Results with VOLTI were phenomenal. With Bridgewater Companies, VOLTI’s fingerprints are all over everything. What I appreciated about VOLTI is they did not come in looking for a long-term consulting contract. VOLTI came in and with their guidance we designed and built our system, and we run it. ”

Larry Dietzler

Director of Manufacturing, L3 Communications

“Nine of my eleven teams have shown 25% or more improvement in their key scorecards. The best single improvement was a 74% backlog reduction on a team that had been a bottleneck process in our factory.”

Tyler Croft

Director of Operations, Continuum iCare

“Volti works you through a unique process of self and company discovery.  With it, you align desires, goals, and results to maximize what you get out of your day and your week.  It’s great to have a process, focused on this type of result, to run in our small start-up organization.”

Thomas Keene

Software Engineer, Armature Studio

“Facing work challenges, it became apparent something needed to change. I discovered VOLTI. For me, VOLTI quickly showed how to align my goals and values with my work assignments. Rather than leave my position, I learned ways to improve and strengthen my situation. During this time, I became recognized for my professionalism and ability to deliver on time assignments creatively.”

MaryAnn Sharp

ERA Realty Center

“I engaged VOLTI as I started my Real Estate Career. My first year was phenomenal. My second year exceed all expectations. VOLTI gave me a way to apply all of my Real Estate and ERA Training then expand my business as well as my reputation.”

Kenneth J Payne

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Director of Engineering

“I am pleased to express my sincere appreciation to you and the training I received from VOLTI. I have used your many techniques and ideas learned while with you in Utah. While they were not always fun, they were always useful and practical. I have applied your techniques since my return, and they work!

At work: Our team is making much more progress and projects are being better formulated and executed. The metrics [VOLTI techniques] we have put in place, keep the focus on performance and providing our customers with positive outcomes. That which is tracked is managed! Additionally, I have focused on continually answering the unasked questions of What do I get? How will it help me? And Why? This resulted in improved communications and understanding. Far more effective than most techniques for motivating the Donkey that we discussed!

Personally: I feel great, and the new positive view of myself continues to grow. It must show as I was just hired by a major contractor for what I consider a dream job. I will leave my present position satisfied that I have done all I can to make it a better organization and with my internal passion rekindled to fire my future employer’s continued success.

Thanks, VOLTI has worked for my organization and for me.”

Karl F. Kryanc

Southeastern Utah Vocational Rehabilitation Director

“I remember well when you were ‘mother superior’ to agency clients in specialized mine training and secretarial programs. Who can forget the ‘Dirty Dozen’? …All but one were convicted felons. …These individuals were initially placed in the mining industry. When the fortunes of the mines changed, these individuals [after the life skills training that evolved into VOLTI] had the skills to find and keep other employment. Five years downstream 80% of these individuals were still employed…You have taken the basics of the concepts and gone on to develop a unique approach to working with industry.”

Nathan Minchey

Senior Manager IT

“Change attitudes and culture in business, not possible most think and most improvement training and expensive programs will teach this yet, in the end, those all fade or fail in today’s fast changing world businesses.
Not so with VOLTI led by Mr. Acklin. VOLTI is a growing / highly innovative way to take individual strengths and make them into word class organizations. This is where all the others miss the mark. It is about each individual and their growth / success that allows companies to set themselves apart. Charles company and program help individuals see their true value and worth, it builds teams into cohesive and efficient units, and it moves operations to heights and efficiencies never before seen or attained.

For example, I have seen this happen in my personal and profession life. His program helped me exceed expectations in positions I have been promoted too and allowed me to take the training, technics, and excitement I have integrated into my life and share it with my staff and family who have also rapidly moved up and forward allowing me to take struggling teams and build them into high-performance cultures and teams. Charles and his staff are very humble, helpful, Incredible and will show you how to be better than you ever have been before. Reach out to him to get started!”


Brett Barton

Director of Production, Fresenius Medical Care North America

“Every year since starting with VOLTI, we have improved.”

Norm Sterginer

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

“VOLTI helped me to become a better more effective manager. He individualizes his service to address your exact needs”

Byron Hunter

“Thank you VOLTI for the help you gave my sister Amber. She has made a complete turnaround with how she approaches the challenges of being a single mom. She attributes lots of that change to you Chuck and VOLTI.”

Kent Thomas

Acting CFO & Board Member at Red Sky

“Chuck and I worked together at Help-U-Sell real estate and he was an integral and important part of a team that lead a turnaround there in the early 1990’s. I relied heavily on Chuck and his team to help us transform not only the corporate franchisor but also many franchisees who needed business direction and mentoring. Chuck is a natural mentor and transformational leader with a deep sense of concern for others and a desire to help them succeed.”

Amber North

Single Mom

“Volti helped me to have a new beginning in life. To be able to find the strength to be able to help my children feel safe and at peace with the pain that they are going through. It has given me a chance at life.I know that I am making changes in my life and be able to get what I want for my children and me. I have been able to look at things in a whole new spectrum. I want to cry out to the world that there is hope and that they can not only just make it but live the way they want.”

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