something different!

VOLTI (vawl-tee)

1. Turn; turnover, Turn with intention.
2. A proven technology for improving.
3. Achieve better solutions with untapped resources.
4. Manage disruption on your terms with what you already know.
5. Accelerate directions for individual and organization improvement


VOLTI’s proof in the words and insights of VOLTI’s clients.


VOLTI offers more and departs from defining what must be done.


VOLTI unlocks potential.

This is 100% forward and unlike any other training.
Dominion Energy
With VOLTI we reduced our mountains to mole hills.
CEO, MediYeti
We created a common platform for the team to examine how to measure, track, share, and evolve results.
Tru-Blue Distribution Founder
There is nothing as easy to learn, simple to apply, and as sustainable available in the United States as what VOLTI developed.
Executive Development, Doctoral Studies, University of Michigan
Over the past 20 years, VOLTI played a significant role in successfully developing our manufacturing, improving, and retaining our key people.
Senior Vice-President of Manufacturing, Fresenius Medical Care, North America
My endorsement for VOLTI came when I realized the simplicity and power VOLTI delivers.
Director of Manufacturing, L3Communication
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