Engaging and improvement happen only through design and intention.

VOLTI turns away from traditional training programs and popular consultation practices.

VOLTI’s technology excels over alternatives when addressing challenges embedded in a complex culture, requiring behavioral shifts or resolutions in situations rife with unforeseeable or unintended consequences.

VOLTI offers a fresh alternative when other solutions have yet to work by redirecting attention from what is wrong toward what is required to succeed against all odds.

Often VOLTI is a last resort; our clients seldom fathom what they are getting into and discover they changed and improved in ways they could not have foreseen.

Those who engage VOLTI and their co-workers become intertwined in a co-generative process that all become altered. As a result, outcomes are more often multiplicative than additive.

Rather than defining situations or telling you what to do, VOLTI proves how your existing resources can manage disruption and create the future with what you already know.

VOLTI is high-touch, earning a continuous 27-year track record delivering engagement among co-workers and leaders within Fresenius Medical Care.

Over the past two decades, VOLTI positively impacted organizations within fifty-two North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes.

Facing a challenge?

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With VOLTI, we took a tangible step forward.

Our progress is enormous. We are seeing better results because now we create more explicit pictures of expectations and our accomplishments. Our professionalism improved, as has individual accountability for completed work. VOLTI is flexible enough to manage a constantly shifting environment, with highly skilled technicians and scientists to provide a stable system that delivers measurable results. If you need improvement and accountability, contact VOLTI. They will show how it’s done.

Kent Thomas, CFO / Turnaround President, Help-U-Sell Real Estate Franchise

VOLTI taught me how to succeed through the success of assisting others to learn how to motivate themselves.
Kurt Bertilson, Business System Manager and Process Analyst
I created a blueprint for what I know I need to get back to doing and set myself and SOS up for success.
Jason Kidman, Owner, SOS Support
I suggest you meet with VOLTI to see how they can help you and your enterprise.
Rob Hanks, Owner, Bridgewater Companies
VOLTI engagement strategies improved communications and understanding. Far more effective than most techniques for motivating team members.
Kenneth J. Payne, Director of Engineering and Spaceport Technology, NASA
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