VOLTI’s Proof is in the words and insights of VOLTI’s clients.

“VOLTI was part of my franchise’s growth strategy from the 15th to the 3rd most prominent real estate franchise in the United States.

The same technology moved the franchise’s poorest producers to the top in their regions. Production from this group increased between 14-293% improvement over three years.”

Kent Thomas, CFO / Turnaround President, Help-U-Sell Real Estate Franchise

The best single improvement was a 74% backlog reduction on a team that had been a bottleneck in our factory.
Director of Manufacturing, L3Communication
Supervisors improved their leadership ability as measured by:
Morale - Team member complaints about Supervisors decreased.
Satisfaction - Team member morale and job satisfaction improved.
Production - Team member efficiency increased.
Director of Human Resources, Medical Device Manufacturing
VOLTI has a unique way of teaching and helping us deliver results and become personally satisfied.
Manager of Fiber Production, Fresenius Medical Care
VOLTI provided a way that enabled each participant to actively use Good Management Practices.
Plant Human Resource Director, Fresenius Medical Care
I resisted. Yet, my department recovered $300,000 from closed receivables. What is really impressive, I practiced this at home and dropped two dress sizes. Now I get to buy a new wardrobe
Accounting Manager Intermountain Bobcat
When I feel task-saturated, it’s easy for my mind to race and my concern about my ability to successfully perform all required mounts to a breaking point. The power I’ve found within VOLTI is its ability to quickly help me reduce anxiety and clarify my focus in real-time.
Colonel, US Army (Special Forces)
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"I struggled knowing my underperforming students could improve their reading scores.

After applying VOLTI strategies, preliminary calculations indicate those students will show a 12% increase over standard expectations.”

Reading Teacher, Wasatch High School  

VOLTI practicing managers embraced every corporate and plant initiative so that I could show significant program successes and realize greater returns on my plant training investment.
Human Resource Director, Fresenius Medical Care
We created a common platform to examine how to measure, track, share, and evolve results. VOLTI methods enabled me to empower my team.
National Medical Device Supply Chain Director
VOLTI is not consulting. VOLTI showed me how to help others help themselves.
Manufacturing Business System Manager and Process Analyst
I sensed VOLTI’s process would work. I met with an underperforming manager only twice. That manager began controlling that part of our business and added a $30,000 improvement within three months.
CEO, Regional Produce and Gourmet Food Distribution
I was uncomfortable with my assignment. Quickly I realized that I was already actively doing a good job. I simply focused a little more and began reporting differently. If leaders take the time to look within groups, they will see that they are already fellowshipping each other during daily activities. The training shows you how to make volunteer work a natural activity.
Volunteer Organization Leader, Mother
The Los Angeles region, our worst-producing sales region, moved to 144% year-over-year sales.
Founder and CEO, Gourmet Cookies
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"Graduation rates of severely disadvantaged women moved from a 76% failure rate into an 85% graduation rate."

Published by American Rehabilitation 

Director, South Eastern Utah Vocational Rehabilitation Services

“I remember well when you were “mother superior” to agency clients in specialized mine training and secretarial programs.

“Who can forget the ‘Dirty Dozen’? All but one was a convicted felon. These individuals were initially placed in the mining industry. When the fortunes of the mines changed, these individuals [after the life skills training that evolved into VOLTI] had the skills to find and keep other employment. Five years downstream 80% of these individuals were still employed. … “You have taken the basics of the concepts and gone on to develop a unique approach to working with industry.”  

Regional Vocational Rehabilitation Director

“I can now make a difference.”
Administrative Assistant, Regional Distribution Center
“Our Jersey Solutions plant was small. It could not achieve production and quality expectations. With outdated equipment, existing employees, and VOLTI, they became leaders in production. The union teams’ efforts returned 113% efficiency with outdated machines and diverted a plant shutdown.”
Medical Solutions Plant Manager
“I’ve not changed. I’ve changed my environment. I began by taking more responsibility. I realized by doing that I was earning the authority to do even more. The result of this effort was the solution of a serious problem and the discovery that lead to a patent.”
Senior Development Engineer
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