The word conjures explosions, songs careening from the scratchy throats of young men, waving flags. Revolution draws attention to dethroning despots, blood strewn battlefields, and conflicting ideologies.

For many, this is a revolution.

However, revolution is more than this.

At its core, Revolution is changing. Any change—if sustained—produces enormous changes at the outset. However, every revolution begins quietly. It begins within

It begins when we pair our wants with our results. When we have that unsettled feeling that the two are not aligned–that consistent sense that is found across continents everywhere that there is something more.

Often enough, it is dismissed. But then it comes back to us. Sometimes as a recurring thought—most times through the actions of someone else. Emerson, that great sage from the woods outside Boston, stated clearly enough that “in every work of genius we recognize our rejected thoughts. They return to us with a certain alienated majesty.”

When you make the emotional connection to improve, to innovate, to change—utilizing your strengths and natural assets in your favor, clinging to personal accountability at all costs—then revolution is set in motion.

Revolution occurs with as much simplicity as a door. It depends on a hinge. Until that hinge is utilized, the door functions as a piece of a wall. It is an obstacle. An impassable barrier. But that is only half of a door’s function—doors serve to provide a passable area to achieve a goal. If it does not open wide enough, then it does not serve its function. It all depends on the hinge to create that space—to create the opportunity to pass through it.

Your actions provide the hinges the doors of Revolution hang on.

However, remember: doors do not move by themselves. You must push and pull knobs, turn handles, open locks, set off infrared sensors—otherwise you might as well be pushing a wall.

Moreover, sometimes, you are required to create a door where there wasn’t one before.

The tools and experiences shared in this book will enable you to recognize the change you are seeking. You will be asked to reveal yourself to yourself throughout this process. This knowledge is for you. Like all things worth having, this approach relies on honesty—consistently refined and open. As you consider the thoughts shared here, respond to the activities and read the stories, keep in mind that the true revolution is within you. And as you quietly change, others will follow.

Welcome to the quiet revolution.